Rachel Solomon

Rachel Solomon

Journalist & Content Creator

I'm a journalist, marketing writer, and multimedia producer focused on innovation, social entrepreneurship, culture, and lifestyle. I've reported from New York, London, and currently Tel Aviv.

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Kangoo article

Israel storms the Kangoo Jumps craze | ISRAEL21c

Technology and fitness have merged to create a unique workout that has Israelis jumping for joy.

Cyberbully article
Digital Life Design

Internet Bullies: A Vocal Minority Who Need Silencing

A feature story on the rise of and fight against cyber-bullying.

Oneday article

How to make a difference in just one day | ISRAEL21c

Want to volunteer without a long-term commitment? No problem. This nonprofit adjusts to your schedule.

Picmonkey collage eyeyon founders article

Relief in sight: EyeYon Medical raises $3.6 million to decrease corneal swelling | GeekTime

Relief in sight: EyeYon Medical raises $3.6 million...

Shutterstock 83047633 767x454 article

The U.S. economy might be second to China's after 2030 | GeekTime

The U.S. economy might be second to China's after 2...


5 Myths About Millennials You Need to Bust Now | Inc.com

5 Myths About Millennials You Need to Bust Now | In...

111 article

Framing the TLV Station

Forget Instagram; 52Frames online ‘photowalk’ group inspires great photography, even in a blighted bus terminal.

Open uri20140120 2450 j2xg4u article
The Wall Street Journal

Retaining Top Employees in Tough Times

Even in a bad economy, talented workers have job options. Retaining those employees can be critical to keeping the business on track....


5 Ways to Fight Sleep Deprivation

You already know that sleep is important for your productivity and health. But how do you make sure to get enough of it? Follow this regime.

The Culture Trip

Tel Aviv's Top 10 Vegan Restaurants

In Israel, vegans are starting to rule the roost, so to speak.

Open uri20140120 2450 80v147 article
The Wall Street Journal

Enriching Reads For Dad

Recent books on money and investing may help Dad bulletproof his portfolio....

Open uri20140120 2450 8f2op9 article

Wannabe Social Entrepreneur? How to Navigate the Growing World of Impact Accelerators

Impact accelerators are increasingly sprouting to support the specific needs of social entrepreneurs....

Open uri20140120 2450 b5ds2t article

Everyone grows old, but some get there in style

Inspired by his grandmother, 31-year-old Ari Seth Cohen created the ‘Advanced Style’ blog to celebrate fashionista seniors...

Open uri20140120 2450 1mpho2r article

For Financing and Mentorship, Would You Forgo Future Income?

New funding platforms are eager to ply you with capital and other resources in exchange for a cut of your future success. See if these services are right for......

Open uri20140120 2450 5kr5fg article

Drag star’s got Jewish roots under that blonde hair

Recently anointed by RuPaul, Jinkx Monsoon — born Jerick Hoffer — discusses her Jewish influences and why she’d love to visit Israel...